About Us

Our members are hard working business people

We all come together for a single purpose: New Home Construction in El Paso.  We are advocates of and for the industry and we each bring a special skill or talent to group. Our federation is made up of members of the greater El Paso and Southern New Mexico business community, varied and involved.  You join others to watch your back, ensure you are at the table and not on it. Whether it's a local, statewide or national issue the El Paso Association of Builders works for you to ensure regulatory agencies and governments don't put you out of business. Together we are a powerful lobby representing over 9,000 people employed in construction. Those kinds of number give us clout. 

Excellence and Professionalism 

Our leadership and membership is all volunteer, meaning that they take the time and effort to work on issues affecting the industry as a whole without pay. They are dedicated to making sure our members continue their job of housing El Pasoan's with safe, affordable and efficient homes and great products or services.


Consumers must be keenly aware when doing business in today's market. It's important to ensure safety, quality and affordability are a part of any transaction and our members adhere to that set of ethics.

These and so many other questions can be answered by contacting one of our members. We strongly encourage you to find the solution to your needs through the membership because they know you are looking to find the best with as little risk as possible. 


As with all things we caution you to investigate who you are doing business with. Our members subscribe to high quality at affordable prices, with a track record of commitment to the community. 

ASK "are YOU a member of the El  Paso Association of Builders?" If they say no then find out why. 


We think that a building industry professional finds it important to be involved in professional organizations. It shows they take pride in what they do and understand the complexity of being in this industry. Our members believe that they contribute to the community in more ways than just being in business here.  

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