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Residential Builder Membership Application

Pleas check the number of units you built last year. The annual dues are based on units built previous year.

The dues are for local, state and national association dues for the year. Three memberships in one. We will assist you with payment options available.

Call 915-778-5387 for that information.


Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

The El Paso, Texas and NAHB are 501(c-6) trade associations. When applying for membership you agree to abide by the bylaws of these organizations; allow us to use the phone and fax numbers as well addresses and e-mail address to send information to you regarding your membership, events, and other materials relevant to the membership. We do not sell your information but reserve the right to publish your membership details in our publications, articles, or marketing material. All three associations comply with privacy laws . When approved you are allowed to use the logos or insignias of the three associations in your marketing materials with the understand- ing that if you should discontinue membership then those logos and insignias may not be used. We are not a reporting agency and only provide consumers information on your membership status. If we receive consumer complaints on you we will relay those to you. We are trade association, not a consumer reporting agency.

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